Are you guys looking forward to a perfect hoverboard option?

Are you feeling a bit confused among such huge hoverboard options out there in the marketplace?

If yes, just be ready to join the world of adventures with us. Today we are here to provide an honest review about one of the finest hoverboard options in the market i.e. Sharper Image Hoverboard.

If you guys are ready to try wobbly tires for the ultimate ride, the Sharper Image Hoverboard will take you on the adventure tour. The integration of the learning mode makes this hoverboard a perfect option for beginners.

Age is not a limit. It’s not only young ones who can enjoy the extreme experience of riding. If you have guts but still hesitate due to some issues, just take your hesitation aside and enjoy riding on flat surfaces and off-roads as well with this wonderful hoverboard option.

Why ride a Hoverboard?

Well, it is one of the foremost questions that comes to one’s mind whenever one gets to know about hoverboards and their rides. The question is quite obvious as to why to choose such a two-wheeler as we are already having such a huge range of two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the market.

A hoverboard is one of the finest and quickest modes of transportation. It is a vehicle that can go around in big office campuses, in busy streets, and other places without any issues. The best thing about hoverboards is that they run on rechargeable batteries and hence really are an environmentally friendly option.

You don’t need to worry about the harmful emissions of pollutants as it is running on a rechargeable battery. Hoverboards are a great transportation option that can help you in saving a lot of money in terms of fuel expenses.

Why Choose Sharper Image Hoverboard?

Riding a hoverboard is not so difficult as it seems to be. It is easier to skiing, skating or riding a bike. Sharper Image Hoverboard has been relaunched with better and revised features and that has made it a perfect option for the newbies. Right from learning mode to 100% safety certification and 350W motor option there are much more things that make this hoverboard option different and the best ones in the league.

This hoverboard is featured with large rubber tires and a gyroscope is also there to keep you upright always. The Sharper Image Hoverboard does come up with easy to go interface. You can now easily shift your weight a little on the forward or backward to control it perfectly.

This hoverboard is designed to provide a speed of about 6.2 miles per hour to 14 miles per hour efficiently. Sharper Image Hoverboard is a complete peace of mind that will help you out in moving to your local jobs efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Sharper Image Hoverboard?

Learner and Expert Rider Modes

It looks quite cool to ride on our dream machines. If you dream to ride on hoverboards it is the best opportunity you can grab. The Sharper Image Hoverboard is featured with the learner and expert rider modes and that makes the game much easier.

You can now easily startup with the learner mode and get to know about the different basics. Once you get a master’s in it you can switch to the expert rider mode just by pressing the expert mode once. Users will not get into the maximum speed limit if they are using the learner mode to ride in.

Solid rubber tires

The presence of solid rubber tires makes it quite easier for you to run the Sharper Image Hoverboard to run on the different roads efficiently for a longer run.

Range and speed

The Sharper Image Hoverboard is designed to run efficiently for about 6.2 – 14MPH effectively on different terrains. Moreover, the maximum range of this wonderful two-wheeler is about 12 miles on a single charge.

Longer battery life

The Sharper Image Hoverboard is featured with 3000 charging cycles that provide you longer battery life always.

LED lights

The presence of LED lights makes it quite easier for the riders to ride in the night as well.

Weight Capacity

The Sharper Image Hoverboard is designed to carry about 220 pounds weight effectively.

What are the drawbacks of Sharper Image Hoverboard?

  • App control feature is missing
  • Heavyweight hoverboard option
  • Bluetooth speakers are not integrated

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Sharper Image Hoverboard is a worthy option if you are just starting up your experience with hoverboards. This hoverboard is quite efficient in providing you unmatched riding experience on different terrains. It is a durable hoverboard that can easily reach up to a maximum speed of about 14 MPH.